"Former docent's love of fine art inspires a choreographer."  Critics’ Previews in SF Chronicle.   - Mary Ellen Hunt
Hunt, Mary Ellen. March 28, 2016.  |  http://www.sfchronicle.com/entertainment/article/Former-docent-s-love-of-fine-art-inspires-a-7212864.php


“Still Life No. 4 impressed on many fronts, though this amazing (and rare) combination of egalitarianism, realism and openness may have been its crowning glory.”   -Heather Desaulniers’ Review

Desauliners, Heather. “Still Life Dances” in HeatherDance. April 2, 2016.  |  http://www.heatherdance.com/2016/04/still-life-dances.html


“There are countless ways to be an audience – tired, excited, distracted, curious, bored, interested, etc. Regardless of how each of us began the performance, we, the audience for Still Life Dances on Friday night last week, became transfixed together, as if taken into stillness by the performance.”  -Michelle LaVigne’s Review

LaVigne, Michelle. “Taken Into Stillness” in The Triple Dog Dare. April 11, 2016.  |  https://thetripledogdare.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/taken-into-stillness-guest-post-by-michelle-lavigne/


"Images as Inspiration" : Interview with Claudia Bauer, Christy Funsch, and Peiling Kao about working with visual art. Bauer, Claudia. April 1, 2016. | http://dancersgroup.org/2016/04/images-as-inspiration/


“I came to realize that not only were they [the costumes] a fitting design, but a genius move on Simpson and Stulberg’s part (who together, also did the costumes). Visually, the choreography and the movement claimed the spotlight – the viewer could completely focus on what the body was doing, and not be distracted by anything else. And the movement/physicality was the point of this dance. The costume design showed inventive and outside the box thinking, and truly served the work well.”    - Heather Desaulniers’ Review

Desaulniers, Heather. “Jump 2015” in HeatherDance. October 31, 2015.  |  http://www.heatherdance.com/search?q=+fact%2Fsf


"The capacity to straddle between the animate and the inanimate is equally present in Bay Area choreographers Lauren Simpson and Jenny Stulberg’s Still Life Dances...Together, they not only remind the viewer to pay attention to the small, the ephemeral, but also to the renewed possibilities that artists offer to rewrite the language of the body."   -Marie Tollon

Tollon, Marie. "Still Life In Movement" in Triple Dog Dare. November 19, 2015.  | https://thetripledogdare.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/still-life-in-movement-by-marie-tollon/